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You dog will be safe, comfortable, and get tons of love and attention when they stay with us at Barking Lots!

Everyone gets their own comfy raised cot bed, blankets, and rugs to lay on. You're welcome to bring any items you think will comfort your dog while you're away. We ask that you please label all items and understand that sometimes things get torn up or possibly lost. Family members can always share the same room as long as space allows. At bedtime, each guest gets complimentary biscuits and lots of love before they go to sleep. We treat all of your babies as we would treat our own.

All dogs staying overnight are invited to join in our daycare at no extra charge. They will need to pass a daycare assessment while with us to be sure they are suited for group play.

If your dog prefers privacy to hanging with the crowd, they'll still  get plenty of play times and fresh air in the yard throughout the day.

We also offer crate kenneling for overnight or day stays for dogs 20lb and under. Our crates are tucked away right off the main daycare floor where your dog can see what's happening all the time. Dogs must be crate-trained for this service.

NOTE: all dogs must be free from external parasites such as fleas & ticks. If your pet is found to have any external parasites, we will treat your dog at your expense.

All overnight guests must be dropped off at least one hour prior to closing.


Monday - Friday 7 am to 6 pm

Lobby is closed from 11am - 2pm daily

Saturday 8 am-12 pm

* Holiday boarding 3 night minium *

(daycare fee will be added if not picked up by 11 am on day of departure)

Sunday pick up by appointment only, at an additional charge

BOARDING: Our Services
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