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  • We use all natural, gentle, and safe shampoos & conditioners

Each bath includes:

  • Hydro-bath with one of our pH-balanced shampoos and conditioners.

  • Toenails trimmed & ears cleaned

  • Full-body brush and blow dry.

  • NO heated cage dryers are ever used! Each pup is hand dried.

We also offer the following optional services:

  • toenails clipped or Dremel filed

  • toenail painting

  • ears cleaned

  • teeth brushed

  • paw pads shaved (to prevent slipping)

  • paw pad protective treatment

  • de-shedding

  • de-matting

  • de-flea

  • topical flea treatment

  • medicated baths

  • hair bows & bandanas

  • blueberry facial (tear free, brightens & enhances the coat, minimizes tear stains, and aroma therapeutic)

  • aromatherapy spa treatment (calming lavender shampoo, conditioner, & diffuser)


*available on Monday & Wednesday each week, and the first Saturday of every month. Every 3rd visit pick a free service from punch card, every 10th bath free!

BATHS: Our Services
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